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8 – Indicators of a Buyers’  Market

Real Estate Investing in a Buyers’ Market might require a optimism with caution, because people see the world in standstill, waiting for the outcome of the pandemic, a wise investor moves his way upwards. This invisible war with Covid-19 had caused businesses to be in a downward shift grappling on survival and how to start again after the quarantine period.

Unlike tourism industry which is the most affected sector, Real Estate could be resilient, depending on the buyer and seller’s approach to this sudden drop in the economic world. Determining the scenario we are in now, if it is a buyer or seller’s market, would help out an investor to take advantage for what is being offered. A BUYERS’ MARKET naturally gives an investor the edge of acquiring value for money assets that could give him a profitable real estate investing.

8 – Indicators of a Buyers’ Market
1. Over supply of inventories
2. Cold respond of the buying population
3. Lower down payment
4. Flexible payment terms
5. Add-ons
6. Bigger discounts
7. Lenient documentation requirements
8. Lower interest rates

Property Developers’ on Low-Cash-Out
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Although the over supply of inventories is not really evident , apparently, sellers’ detected that there seem to be a cold respond of the market, due to the wait and see attitude of buying population because of considerable degree of uncertainty amidst Covid-19 crisis. Majority of the foregoing indicators of a Buyers’ market are present in current property market.

Real Estate Developers like Cebu Landmasters, Inc., Benedict Ventures and Atharra Primeland are among others who offer Low-Cash-Out for their buyers to have an easy purchase of their desired real estate investments during these challenging times. For Mivela Garden Residences, One Astra Place and Casa Mira Towers Mandaue, Cebu Landmasters, Inc. had lowered the down payment to 10% of the Contract Price payable up to 42 months.

Benedicto Ventures is now offering as low as 12,000 pesos monthly down payment for an upscale residential condominium near Cebu I.T. Park – Be Residences. Their Be Uptown project can also be availed as affordable as 15,000 pesos monthly equity. Amazing payment scheme indeed!

Not just in Cebu, where developers’ are strategizing a low-entry point for their buyers, Bohol is into it, offering low reservation fee of 15,000 pesos for a Condotel in Panglao, and even deferring the start of the first monthly payment 60 days after the reservation date.

Add-ons as Incentive
Properties developed by Cebu Landmasters, Inc. it comes with add-ons as incentive to property seekers. All for Mivela Garden Residences, One Astra Place and Casa Mira Towers Mandaue, units come with free appliances.

This stimulus low-cash out initiative by property developers has a limited time range. Certainly they have to balance cash flow as well. Our Cebufirst and Fullworth property specialists, waste no time in helping our buyers and investors take advantage of the market. Thanks to the support of our partner-developers, our services to our clients have never been hampered during even in this lockdown period.

While today is a Buyers’ Market it’s never to late join the bandwagon of happy investors.
Low-cash-out budget-wise easy Real Estate Investing.

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