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Real Estate Investing after the Pandemic

After these ECQ days, no one can tell if we can still go back to the usual or the old normal. Because of this notorious virus, we might need to learn how to adapt and co-exist with the new normal for life. New normal means meetings are done via Zoom, dining in restaurants turned into food deliveries, shifting to a work from home setup, and conducting business via online platforms.

Not to mention, the new normal has affected the behavior of the investors. It is purely evident in the stock market these days. However, a wise investor will benefit from it through continued investing and having unattached emotions. Immediately withdrawing your money because of fear will lock-in your losses. So be extra careful.
Diversify your investments
Another good way for you to do so is to diversify your investments. Invest in something that has remained resilient despite the crisis and isn’t correlated with the stock market trend. The stock market’s performance is tied greatly by the reaction of the investors themselves. You should know your goals well why you invest in something like the stock market, is it for long term or retirement?

Real Estate is still on top of the list

As real estate professionals, we are happy to share with our clients and investors that real estate is said to be on the third spot next to gold and certificates of deposit or time deposit when it comes to investing according to a recent survey by You Gov, a British international Internet-based market research and data analytics firm.

You may want to visit our blog post, 8 Indicators of a Buyer’s Market. It will give you hints on why it’s the right time to invest in real estate. Real estate as a low-risk investment. As an investor, you have to understand the volatility of the assets you are acquiring. A high volatile asset has large changes in its price from time to time with respect to an average price. The value of certain stocks can drop suddenly. Thus it has high risks.

On the other hand, a less volatile asset doesn’t deviate significantly on an average price in an instant or in just a couple of weeks. Real estate is considered a less volatile one. If you compare the prices of the condos in Cebu, they are close to the average price. In fact, prices never went low during this pandemic, although several promos and payment holidays have been observed. Still, it’s a good sign not to ignore it as an investor.

Condominiums are more advantageous as investment

Speaking of condominiums, it is more advantageous when it comes to other real estates because developers have thorough studies of the potential market demands in areas like the cities. Additionally, developers partner it with world-class and resort-like amenities making condominiums appreciate in value and appealing in the future.

If you’re serious about real estate investing, we suggest you also have to look at the status of the project. We have on our listing pre-selling condos in Cebu that you can buy at a lower price and in return will give you higher profits because of its strategic location and value appreciation.

Undoubtedly, real estate in Cebu is still on its way up. Take advantage of it. Talk to us now!

About the Contributor:
Franklin Mira is a former OFW in Japan and a Cebufirst property investment specialist. He has been in the business of helping home buyers and real estate investors since May of 2018. He was recognized as a Sales Achiever during the Cebufirst Fullworth Real Estate Annual Awards 2019 held at The Pinnacle Hotel And Suites in Davao City. You may reach him through his Facebook page,

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