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  1. Fill up the contact form below. Also indicate your preference for any location, or name of the Project  Development.

  2. Our friendly and helpful Property Specialist  will contact you shortly and advise you on the best possible solution after identifying your needs and requirements in details.

  3. Our Property Specialist  will advise you on your loan should you require it.

  4. All legal matters will be handled and arranged by us.

  5. When you arrive in Cebu , we will arrange exclusive appointment with our Property Specialist  for property viewing and presentation.

Why We Are Different?

  1. We offer one-stop solution for all our valued clients. From property selection, property loan to legal and taxation matters are handled and arranged by us.

  2. You can have a total piece of mind.

  3. We have helped and assisted numerous clients to build up their portfolios and achieved their wining investment property.

  4. We cover all kinds of property in Cebu . This includes Residential & Commercial Condominiums, High-End and Low cost House and lot Property Rentals and Brokerage.

  5. We have dedicated Property Specialist  to provide individualized service to all our valued clients.

  6. We arrange exclusive viewing appointment with property developer for all our valued clients.

  7. Our Service is FREE  for all our Clients.

  8. Contact us now for FREE property consultation.

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