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8 Tips for OFWs to Survive during this Quarantine Period

As a former OFW in Japan, I’m with our OFWs in these trying times, especially those away from their loved ones.

No one of us expected this to happen nor the most brilliant minds in the whole world. Maybe Bill Gates predicted this pandemic, as what he had shared on TED, an American media organization that posts talks online for free distribution. But he did not know the exact time it would occur.

Instead of you being overwhelmed by the abrupt turn of events, and being consumed by fear and paranoia due to this pandemic, we formulated 8 Tips for OFWs to survive during this quarantine period.

  • Keep the Faith
    Being miles away from your family can be anxious for you. Always remember everything happens for a divine reason. Never stop praying and asking the Almighty for healing and protection of you and your family, and the whole world.
  • Boost Your Immune System
    Since these unseen enemies attack our body, it’s better to boost your resistance and take preventive measures. Stay healthy by eating more vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C supplements will greatly help, too. Have regular exercise at the comfort of your home. There are plenty of Youtube videos you can follow and sweat out the toxins in your body.
  • Observe Social Distancing
    Follow the rules. The government and the frontlines are doing their best to end this pandemic very soon. When you go out for grocery, don’t forget to wear a mask and gloves if mandated by the government of the country you are in. Always keep a hand sanitizer handy.
  • Relax and Have Fun
    Don’t stress yourself out. Don’t let your mind wander. Focus on the silver lining. Concentrating about the crisis may lead to a serious mental illness. Grab a book and read it, watch inspiring videos online, or listen to music to relax your mind. You may also watch funny movies to keep your sanity.
  • Be Grateful
    Being grateful is not a secret anymore for you to attract more blessings in life. Appreciating every small thing you receive doesn’t cost you anything. Don’t forget that being an OFW is something not everybody gets to experience. Be thankful about that. Be thankful even more if you are healthy in this time of pandemic though you are far from your family. Being healthy is already a huge blessing.
  • Be Cautious on Your Spending Habits
    Shopping can be a stress-reliever. In this time of crisis, you might get into the trap of online shopping. It’s easier for you to have something you want at the tip of your fingers. Instead of spending your money on unessential things, save it for future emergencies.

Starting an investment, Real Estate Investment in particular, can also be a wise decision you can make since the market is down due to this pandemic. You can buy properties at a whopping discount.

  • Reach Out
    We all know that due to this pandemic, many have lost their jobs. It’s heart-breaking to see our fellow men worrying where to get money to put food on the table. If you are blessed enough to hold down your job, you may want to offer some extra financial help or distribute food to our fellow Filipinos back home through charitable organizations.
  • Be Productive
    We never know when and how intense the next crisis will be. But God forbid. So don’t depend on single income. Have a crisis-proof business. The real estate industry may be affected by this pandemic, but there are those who continue to earn income through real estate. More than ever, real estate businesses have gone digital. We do online orientation and training, and developers now accept online transactions starting from property reservation.

We hope you as an OFW find these tips helpful for you to survive during this quarantine period. Please don’t limit yourself to the above list. If you have something to share with our readers, please comment below. Your ideas can come a long way.

P.S. As mentioned, we do online orientation. If you would like to join our Cebufirst team, please don’t hesitate to contact any of our property investment specialists for more details.

About the Contributor:

Franklin Mira is a former OFW in Japan and a Cebufirst property investment specialist. He has been in the business of helping homebuyers and real estate investors since May of 2018. He was recognized as a Sales Achiever during the Cebufirst Fullworth Real Estate Annual Awards 2019 held at The Pinnacle Hotel And Suites in Davao City. You may reach him through his Facebook page,

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