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The New Normal Time! It’s quite hard to adapt for many or for almost everyone. The world respond in shocking despair to mitigate the dreaded Covid19 Virus. Fear, anxiety, and uncertainty wrapped the globe seem helpless, at war with the unseen enemy.


In the midst of the struggling world, brave souls stood up to save humanity. The front liners in the medical field, the workers in the essential companies, our law enforcers and government agencies take the risk in the name of service and love to mankind. The Covid19 pandemic indeed had caused huge negative impact on each other’s lives. But let us not forget, this is Temporary. We need to take courage and face boldly our day to day survival in the Quarantine period.

Hope, Faith and Moving Forward
Embracing hope instead of fear, faith instead of disbelief, and moving forward, instead of halt, we will rise up and emerged as victors. For Cebulfirst and Fullworth team, those words are our daily dose of motivation in this New Normal Time. “Padayon lang.”

By empathizing our valued clients, pacifying and sheding light in uncertainties, we are able to let them see the brighter side of life. In the New Normal Time, the more we value family and home, the more we look forward to our dreams and plans. Just like the frontliners, upholding their mission, we too in the real estate industry need to continue fulfilling our ultimate goal to serve our home seekers and investors, to their advantage in owning valuable yet affordable properties.

Online Operations
Sudden change of business procedures, shifting to online operations is never been easy. Limited manpower, government restrictions and lockdowns makes it more difficult to carry on with a home-buying transaction. But that doesn’t stop our resilient property specialists of Cebufirst Realty Ventures and Fullworth Properties. Strengthening our internal
stamina, we must move forward.

True enough. We succeeded! We served happy home seekers and investors. Remarkable sales record for the month of April and May 2020. Partnering with the best partner-developers like Cebu Landmasters Inc., Priland Dev’t Corp., and Benedicto Ventures makes it all possible.

The First Real Estate Awards in the New Normal Time
On the 1st of June 2020, a Great Milestone was celebrated by Cebufirst and Fullworth Properties real estate group. The first ever REAL ESTATE AWARDS in the NEW NORMAL TIME. Maximizing the Zoom technology, it was well-attended by Cebufirst and Fullworth real estate agents and brokers nation wide. This momentous night of appreciation is most
remembered more than ever, in this very special time of bravery and courage. First on the list are the Top 10 Agents and the Top Managers. All our Sales Achievers are given recognition for each agent’s sales contribution for the past two months. A special award is presented to our Super Sellers! The Super Property Specialists who made daily consecutive sales in a week. This is Phenomenal!Super Sellers in the middle of a pandemic – Unbelievable!

Our CEO REB Bhonie Alia, inspired everyone with his simple yet strong message of courage and faith. As the hosts Reyneir Pagaduan and Eve Alia keep the ball rolling, everyone was caught in an awe, wondering, is this really happening? Real Estate Awards in the New Normal Time in the worldwide web? Indeed It is! First time ever!

We are deeply honored with the presence of Mr. Franco Soberano, COO of Cebu Landmasters, Inc. His congratulatory message is overwhelming. The Sales Manager of Priland Dev’t. Corp.Mr. Irvin Paul Pastoriza also grace the event appreciating the great sales performance of our agents. Fueling to the joyous mode of our sellers is Mr. Val Domingo, a renowned
motivational speaker who imparted words of wisdom like commitment and great character formed in the midst of these challenges.

The night would not be complete without the testimonials of our Cebufirst Top 1 Agent Leslie Sarcauga, Fullworth Top 1 Agent Marie Joren Velle Namocot, Cebufirst Top 1 Manager Mila Olarte and Fullworth Top 1 Manager Delia Baldric.

In this very special night, our theme song “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” is very fitting. The culminating part of the program is the community singing, where everybody felt the love of each fellow members of Cebufirst and Fullworth family. Indeed Cebufirst and Fullworth is standing strong forever as We build our dreams together and help each other grow.
To God be the Glory!


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