Top reasons why investors and young professionals choose Condominium over House and lot

From just about every corner especially in headlines in the media nowadays, you’ll
notice that all eyes are on young professionals and millennials alike, which by the way,
makes up the great population in the Philippines. They follow a new set of values than
other generation types. Thier traits are evident even in housing. Young professionals for
example prefer short walks to and from work than living in a large house away from the
city. They prefer cost-efficiency and comfort that’s why they choose a condo in Cebu
over other properties.

There are reasons why having a house is out of the question for this generation, and
here are the most practical ones.

Affordable and easier to pay than rent. Although it may seem renting is more affordable
than buying but it will only be true in a short term mindset. In most cases, people are
paying more for rentals than they would pay for property mortgage and fees combined.
The key here is that you’re paying for something which someday you’ll eventually own.

Cost efficient. Cebu condo residents have to pay condo maintenance fees. Some
people think these fees are nothing but extra spending, but in reality will give them
greater savings in the long run. The biggest chunk of fees goes to maintenance and
other functions; a small fraction goes to a reserve fund which will later be used for
untimely repairs, giving you savings in the future.

Access to amenities. Young professionals are the busiest that’s why they want
something for rest and relaxation when they’re off from work. Condos offer sports and
recreational facilities and most vital amenities such as valet parking or concierge which
makes condo living an advantage for this generation.