The Legendary Mandani Bay Balloon Dropping is a Blast for 2018!


Talk about rewards, Mandani Bay has it All! From luxury cars, international and local travels, branded gadgets, designer bags and watches, and of course fabulous cash surprises!

This generous property developer of Mandani Bay, HTLand Inc. proved it once more that nothing can beat them when it comes to rewarding their sellers! This year’s Legendary Balloon Dropping by Mandani Bay at The Tent had more than half a million in cold cash! What a lavish Cash extravaganza! At the 2018 Christmas Party, gorgeous and talented property specialists of Mandani Bay excitedly waited to catch for these Cash showers in a balloon! It’s all about fun! Some got as high as high as 15,000 per balloon, while others got 10,000, 5,000 or 1,000 pesos with no limit as to how many balloons you get. Me and my partner Bhonie got 200 pesos, but the laughter and the
experience is priceless.

Cebufirst Realty Ventures elite sellers, gamely joined the fun, though it challenged their physique as they catched the balloons in an elbow-to-elbow, shoulder-to-shoulder struggle with fellow sellers. Of course with the best safety-oriented company as HTLand Inc., no one gets hurt, but instead a different kind of experience in an awesome Chirstmas Party like Mandani Bay!

One of the highlights of the party was the presentation of dance numbers from different teams, representing Europe, Asia, Antartika, South America and North America.  Cebufirst dancers, is always on the go, when it comes to dancing! They joined the group that represented South America in a Brazillan-inspired presentation.

The night wil not end without a walk at Mandani Bay park where you get to enjoy a dazzling Christmas moment, as the place is intricately decorated with christmas lights and decors, that sets the mode of each and every Mandani Bay guest the merriest Chritmas ever!


No wonder why Mandani Bay is the fastest selling project, whether it is  Mandani Bay Suites or Mandani Bay Quay.

2019  there would be a lot of developments in the pipeline along with the opening of the Boardwalk infront of Mandani Bay Suites.   Mandani Bay Quay construction in full swing.