The dawn is breaking…and it was 18th of January!  Home was 5 kilometers from Mandaue, where SINULOG FLUVIAL PARADE is being held every year.  I woke up at 4am, catching up for the early slot at the viewing area, gates are open at 4:30, what an exciting moment to see “Little Nino” again!


Thousands  of DEVOTEES flock together at the bay area of  MANDANI BAY  to witness
this most highlighted event of CEBU SINULOG FESTIVAL 2020. People from different places near or far, from all walks of life, local and international tourists alike, with a delightful heart,  passionately waited for SENYOR STO. NINO, our beloved Patron Saint in the image of the child Jesus. Indeed an overwhelming manifestation of Faith and Culture!



This spectacular yet religious event, has touched many lives. Not to mention the
developer of MANDANI BAY – HTLand, Inc. who has lend their facilities for 4 years
now, as a tribute to this HOLY CHILD JESUS whom the Cebuanos faithfully adored.


With its strategic location, MANDANI BAY graciously offered the 500-meter Boardwalk,
for the Cebuanos. This would serve as viewing space for CEBU SINULOG FLUVIAL PARADE 2020. MANDANI BAY is a community inspired by Culture, Creativity, Adventure and Water. This 20-hectare township is dubbed as the most celebrated REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT IN CEBU! A mixed-use project comprising RESIDENTIAL CONDOMINIUMS, Commercial office spaces, Retails, International Hotels and Shopping districts, that would transform Cebu into a world-class lifestyle destination.

I for one, as a member of the CEBUFIRST group, am a proud Property Specialist of MANDANI BAY. Our clients both foreign and locals, who are looking for a truly valuable CONDO IN CEBU are amazed of the features of this project that is unique and the first of its kind.  It’s  buildings are interconnected by foot-bridges, with large communal areas for leisure and recreation like the Green Promenade, the Main Boulevard, the Waterfront and Boardwalk.  Although, there are many CONDO IN CEBU, Mandani Bay is indeed beyond compare! Owning a Mandani Bay CONDO IN CEBU is a treasure!

Oh! The Boardwalk has become more and more congested,  while the crowd joyously awaits the Galeon where SENYOR STO. NINO is on board! Finally He is here! As we sang BATOBALANI SA GUGMA, indescribable feeling engulfed me, unfathomable happiness! With nearly 200 vessels, the Image of this Holy Child Jesus pass the Boardwalk at around 6am, and arrived Pier 1 Cebu City at 7:45am. The Cebuano tradition of honoring SENYOR STO. NINO has lived for 40 years now, and counting! Through the years, I’ve witnessed the festivity ever since when I was 10 years old, and I have vowed to pass this tradition from generation to generation as commitment to my Faith, VIVA PIT SENYOR!