Why a Single-Detached House? Why not duplex, a townhouse or a single-attached house? The answers would vary, depending on one’s preference – budget wise, size of the family, spatial needs, or whatsoever reasons. A single-detached house is most popular  because of the space it offers to the home seekers. It gives you the pleasure to have ventilation on the four sides, because the house is on the center of the lot it occupies.  If you are fond of gardening,  ample spaces you could enjoy.  However, there’s a challenge in looking for this kind of house.

Where can you find SINGLE-DETACHED HOUSES in CEBU? Is it affordable enough for a mid-income earner? Are there plenty of supply? Are those builders of Single-Detached Houses credible enough for a good quality?

In Cebu City area, maybe you will have a hard time! Land in Cebu City is scarce, mostly vertical developments – condos are the trend.  Well, maybe you can find, but it would cost you more than  what you have expected!  For a Three-Bedroom Single-Detached house, price would range from 8M and Up,  expensive, isn’t it? You may opt for a Townhouse instead, its cheaper!

But no worries! CONSOLACION – the adjacent city to Cebu, has a lot to offer!  Don’t be dismayed in your search for SINGLE-DETACHED in CEBU! Mandaue City is just 15 to 20 minutes away from Cebu City! 

Consolacion  has a lot to offer, Belize North, St. Francis Hills, Modena and the newest project of Worldwide Steel beside Cebu Royal Subd. All  these Residential Subdivision offers Single-Detached Houses at a reasonable price! For price range of  2.9M to 3.7M Three-Bedroom Single detached houses, you will be delighted to own one!

Oops! Better be hurry!  Because hundreds of you  guys really longing   to own  a Single-Detached House!  And of course Consolacion is a beautiful place to live! Shopping  malls, business districts and big business developments are on the rise! So don’t be left behind!