Hottest project of Cebu Landmasters Inc. in Mandaue City

Cebu LandMasters is the number 1 developer not only here in Cebu but all over VIS-MIN for ample of years now. The latter gives extraordinary hand-on services, extraordinary VIS-MIN expertise, extraordinary amenities plus extraordinary quality.

Usually, they open the introductory price at a very affordable rate but their projects sell like hotcakes so eventually, price increases in just a day. 

Just like what happened to Mivela Garden Residences by Cebu LandMasters, the fastest selling project in Cebu. Price started at 1.9m but in a matter of 5 hrs, more than 300 units were sold so price increased by roughly 200k. Not only that, when the day ended, 465 units were sold. Beforehand, agents already lined up at dawn to get their priority numbers and were lucky enough to reserve a unit for their clients with the introductory price.

Now, Casa Mira Towers Mandaue will also soon to rise, 3-min walk from Pacific Mall, we are also sure that this project will also be sold like hotcakes because of it’s extraordinary amenities with an affordable price, extraordinary location because it’s very close to a mall and extraordinary quality because this project is by Cebu LandMasters. If we will invest in this soon to rise property, it seems like we also win in a lottery.