Cebufirst & Fullworth Properties Annual Awards 2018

It was with great pride and honor to be one of the recipient of an award during the prestigious, organized and a star studded realtor event, thanks to ABS CBN team for a very touching company history presentation and a truly successful event, the Cebufirst & Fullworth Properties Real Estate Annual Awards 2018.  Priviledged enough to witness this event and to have chosen Cebufirst as my realty and my second family.  I’ve always been grateful to have an ever supportive and hardworking mentors, our CEO, Bonifacio “Bhonie” Alia and our beloved COO Evelyn Alia, who have imparted so much knowledge in sales and strategies in Real Estate.

The said event featured its humble beginnings to a life changing opportunity not just for them but for the people as well.  Inspite of the challenges, tough experiences that our bosses have encountered, they manage to handle them with hardwork, perseverance, dedication towards helping people, sharing opportunities, inspiration to work harder for their sole legacy, for their beloved son, Kerr Allen Alia, the future successor of their business. Above all, prayers, with Him, nothing will be impossible.

The Cebufirst & Fullworth Real Estate Annual Awards 2018 that was held in Bai Hotel Cebu on November 29 was a proof of hardwork and successful company and its sales representatives.  Hearing  the very heart warming, humble beginnings of the company, the testimonies of the Top Sellers of the year and their awards, inspire us to do more in 2019 and for the coming years.  As we say, ” Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now”! Soar high and long live Cebufirst & Fullworth Properties! Road to Success and Happiness! Cheers! More Sales 2018!!

By: Joy Ranario