Is tax declaration a proof of ownership?

Tax declarations are not conclusive evidence of ownership, they are proof that the holder has a claim of title over the property and serve as sufficient basis for inferring possession Ref. G.R. No. 198585

Why it is Good to Invest in a Crash Economy?

No increase in prices of real estate properties. Most developers hold on to their old price prior to the crisis in response to the buyer’s financial adjustments. You can find good deals. Businesses needs capital infusion after the crisis. Real estate property owners may need to sell their assets to keep their businesses up float. Flexible payment terms….

10 Frequently Ask Question about Renting

1. Is the deposit the same as the advance? A:  It will be returned to you at the top of the lease contract after any charges are deducted. The advance is just rent paid early.  2. What if I can’t make the monthly payments? A: The landlord can have you evicted by filing a court…

What is an Advantages of a Pre-Selling over a Ready to Move – in?

1. What’s the Status of Construction? Pre-selling: No groundbreaking yet Not yet built Construction ongoing Ready to Move in: Property is already built and existing. 2. What is the Pricing? Pre-selling: Low introductory price Ready to Move in: More expensive due to the expansion in market prices since it had been built. 3. How long…

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