A lot of real estate investors such as owners of a condo in Cebu are making money and
getting a lot of attention online over their properties rented over Airbnb as
accommodation hubs for business or leisure purposes. Although this is the trend
nowadays, there are real estate investors who still don’t have idea how to get their
properties making more money on Airbnb. Here are eight tips to make faster money.

1. Convenient location- Select the best location as this will influence the number
of bookings you have. Pick locations such as those in the center of the city or near
business and tourist spots.

2. Improve your Airbnb profile- Make your profile attractive as possible.
Always remember that this is your sales pitch so keep it updated with the right
information, images and property description.

3. Add amenities and services- Make things comfortable for your guests; make
room for value added services such as airport transportation, guided tours,
cooked meals or laundry for their convenience.

4. Improve your property- Guests will want to book for property rentals which
are in tip top shape with functional facilities. Always see to it to maintain your
property and keep it well to increase bookings.

5. Avail of rental property management services- Third- party rental
management services ensure that guests will book your property and they are
very helpful in the management of your property if you don’t have the time.

6. Pick the Best Rate For Your Property- Always check the market out in order
for you to judge the best rate for your guests.

7. Provide The Best Service For Your Guests- A happy customer will always
be good for your business. If you own a Cebu condo, always ensure the best
experience for all your guests.

8. Keep Your Overhead in Check- Always maintain costs and maintenance fees
for your property to avoid excess spending. If you can find affordable alternatives
on all your equipment, the better.