October 2018

Single Detached houses Cebu

SINGLE-DETACHED HOUSES IN CEBU Why a Single-Detached House? Why not duplex, a townhouse or a single-attached house? The answers would vary, depending on one’s preference – budget wise, size of the family, spatial needs, or whatsoever reasons. A single-detached house is most popular  because of the space it offers to the home seekers. It gives…

Mandaue “A New City is Rising!”

40 meters wide Central Park

Mandaue “A New City is Rising” Mandaue is discovered in 1521, known as Mandani – a business place. It became a city in 1969 just in time when San Miguel Corporation had opened its plant in Tipolo. In 1991 it was declared as a highly urbanized city. Don’t you know that Mandaue is the 2nd…

Cebu North Real Estate

Top 10 Local Real Estate Developers North Cebu Expansion Top 9 Local Real Estate Developers North Cebu Expansion. Cebu local Developers expand to North Cebu to cater the demand of the market. Duterte Govt. urging Real Estate Developer to build more affordable houses all  over the Philippines, However the demand is much more faster than…

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