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4 Elements of Mandani Bay

4 Elements of Mandani Bay  | Cebu Condo

1. Passion for Culture:

Cebu’s pulsating culture, where past meets present and future, has made the Queen City of the South one of the world’s thriving heritage destinations. At Mandani Bay, only Condo in Cebu with  passion for culture melds history and heritage with a modern and vibrant community that nurtures the soul.  Mandani Bay Quay | Water front  Property | 2 Bedroom Condo

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2. Passion for Adventure:

Bike around, climb walls, or conquer the water – whatever your spirit desires, live your passion for adventure in this neighborhood that lets you do just about anything exhilarating. Mandani Bay’s, the only Condo in Cebu spirited environment  with avenues bursting with new experiences waiting to be discovered every day. Mandani Bay Quay | Water front Property | 2 Bedroom Condo

3. Passion for Creativity:

From its sparkling design scene, to its homegrown world-class masterpieces, Cebu has grown and leveraged its people’s creativity more than any other region in the country. The same spirit inspires imagination, creation, and innovation at Mandani Bay, where one can unleash a passion for creativity without boundaries.

4. Passion for Water:

Water, the essential element of life and one of the Philippines’ richest resources, encompasses the awe-inspiring setting of Mandani Bay. Opportunities for living large overflow in this sea – inspired community, where a 500-meter Waterfront and Boardwalk underline a splendid lifestyle that cannot be found anywhere else. Mandani Bay the Talk of the town Condo in Cebu.

 Mandani Bay Quay with easy Payment Plan for only 25% payable up to 48 months zero Interest. The project is on a  pre-Selling stage.  Introductory price and Investors have a chance to choose  best location and save as much as 30% t0 50% price difference compared to Ready to move in units.

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