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Many people say, it takes two to tango! True enough. Success in Real Estate is powered by two vital elements:

1. A company that takes care of its agents and brokers, that of a good father. A realty company that trains, guides, and puts compassion in helping their people acheive their goals.

2. The interest of the partner agents and brokers to attain knowledge and be trained. This requires 101% commitment to allocate time and effort
in real estate. Apply the things thay they’ve learned, and never give up on their dreams. CEBUFIRST REAL ESTATE TRAINING aims to hone the skills of its partners, to achieve maximum career advancement.

The Millennials

Majority of the workforce nowadays coming from the younger generation, we call “The Millennials”.
Cebufirst Realty Ventures are seriously taking into account the contribution of these millennial sellers to the real estate industry, because of the following reasons:
1. They occupy significant part of the working class.
2. They are dynamic and digital natives.
3. They are hungry for career growth.
4. They have vigor and vitality.
5. They are naturally multi-taskers.

After thorough planning, the core group of CEBUFIRST led by Bhonie and Eve Alia, organized a content packed training called “REAL ESTATE SUCCESS FOR MILLENNIALS” on October 22, 2016 at Allure Business Hotel in A.S. Fortuna St., Banilad, Mandaue City. Three speakers, two from Cebu and one from Manila, who are experts of real estate marketing impart their in-depth knowledge and experiences.

This well-attended event had inspired and equipped not only the millennials sellers of Cebufirst Realty Ventures, but also the “veteran” ones who learned new strategies and make them feel at pace with current trends in real estate marketing. The training not only touches the money-making aspects of real estate, but it inspires everyone as it taught on how to handle our finances. The finale was a video showing by Bo Sanchez “How to Be Truly Rich”. Indeed CEBUFIRST REAL ESTATE TRAINING is for real! Creating a well-balanced life for each CEBUFIRST property specialists.

14695474_1842275162651886_6156101546511844739_n 14671157_1286054571407573_8139722660768421240_n 14591576_1286054644740899_3122077560951040942_n 14671333_1842274052651997_7063182491110178802_n 14705848_1842274902651912_3362987244124535363_nEarn More . Be trained . Be Inspired! Join our Team!
Contact us on the ff. Nos.

09255672006 ( Sun ) 09278258499 ( Globe ) Look for Eve

09236738255 ( Globe ) 09273820208 ( Sun ) Look for Bhonie

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