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7 Reasons Why Invest in Cebu

Posted: May 20,2015 WHY INVEST IN CEBU? The Philippines has scored good investment ratings from reputable agencies (Fitch Ratings) worldwide recently. Philippines now ranks at 9 in Top 100 Best Countries to Invest in Real Estate. Many investors have looked into a potent a place in the Philippines, outside Manila. Cebu is considered an excellent place to


The Family Code of the Philippines

EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 209 THE FAMILY CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES July 6, 1987 I, CORAZON C. AQUINO, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution, do hereby order and promulgate the Family Code of the Philippines, as follows: TITLE I MARRIAGE Chapter 1. Requisites of Marriage Article 1.

Mandaue real estate: 4 reasons to rent a house in Mandaue City

Mandaue real estate is a booming industry. The city north of Cebu City is famously known as an industrial city because of the presence of different manufacturing facilities such as furniture-making, paper-packaging and food manufacturing. Considering this, it can be inferred that it has a burgeoning population of workers. And so for the workers to


What is Pacto de Retro Sale?

Sale With Pacto de Retro Transfer of Ownership A sale with Pacto de retro transfers the legal title to the vendee a retro. The essence of a pacto de retro sale is that the title and ownership of the property sold are immediately vested in the vendee a retro, subject to the resolutory condition of

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Cebu North Real Estate

Residential lot in Tayud Liloan – Cebu Real Estate / Lot for Sale in Cebu Residential lot in Liloan along 6-meter wide Brgy. Road in Tayud Liloan. The property is 300 meters away from main highway, best location for developers planning for subdivision projects within the range of Mactan International Airport, SM Consolacion and access


Real Estate buyer’s Protection

 CONDOMINIUM BUYERS’ PROTECTIVE DECREE – Cebu Real Estate  PD957 SECTION 23. Non-Forfeiture of Payments. – No installment payment made by a buyer in a subdivision or condominium project for the lot or unit he contracted to buy shall be forfeited in favor of the owner or developer when the buyer, after due notice to the owner or developer,

Rental properties in Mandaue City You Should Look into

CebuFirst.com has a listing of the recent Cebu real estate properties including developments in Cebu. Not only that, it lists recent properties according to categories, from rental to pre-selling to brokerage and lot only. Mandaue City, one of the highly-urbanized cities in Cebu and in the Philippines has among the recent rental properties you can


North Cebu Real Estate Development

CebuFirst Realty Ventures  inspected St. Francis Hills Construction Site located in Tolo-Tolo Consolacion. The project is a 6 – minute Drive from San Narciso Church & 1.5 km from SM Consolacion. Its a 12-hectare Subdivision Development offering House and lot and lot only Packages and  available Through PagIbig and Bank Financing. 3 Reasons why this

Cebu’s Hosting of APEC meetings can boost the island’s economy

Cebu’s Hosting of APEC meetings can boost the island’s economy Imagine over 3,000 delegates from different countries to arrive in Cebu and experience the Cebuanos’ warmth as they attend Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings from August 24 to September 11, 2015. Several industries in Cebu can benefit from the international meetings held in known conference

Apple One Banawa Heights Condominium

5 Features of Apple One Banawa Heights You Should Know Before Buying a Unit or Two

Features of Apple One Banawa Heights You Should Know Before Buying a Unit or Two

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