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4 Elements of Mandani Bay

4 Elements of Mandani Bay  | Cebu Condo 1. Passion for Culture: Cebu’s pulsating culture, where past meets present and future, has made the Queen City of the South one of the world’s thriving heritage destinations. At Mandani Bay, only Condo in Cebu with  passion for culture melds history and heritage with a modern and

Top 9 Local Real Estate Developers North Cebu Expansion

Top 9 Local Real Estate Developers North Cebu Expansion Top 9 Local Real Estate Developers North Cebu Expansion. Cebu local Developers expand to North Cebu to cater the demand of the market. Duterte Govt. urging Real Estate Developer to build more affordable houses all  over the Philippines, However the demand is much more faster than the what

Cebufirst Realty Ventures Sales Convention 2017

CEBUFIRST REALTY VENTURES’ SALES CONVENTION & QUARTERLY AWARDING 2017 By: ENGR. ROGER C. LANIBA JR. “Transforming Vision into Reality” Becoming a real estate property specialist is a great career opportunity. Wherein it widens the mind of an individual to build self-confidence, patience, perseverance, trust, passion, dedication and love from work. He/she played the role being

Cebufirst TEAM


CEBUFIRST REAL ESTATE  SALES CONVENTION & 3RD QUARTER 2017 REAL ESTATE AWARDS The convention was held in Sacred Heart Center in D. Jakosalem St., Cebu City lasted for eight hours of learning and inter-active activities from the power-house speakers, top sellers, to the participants themselves, maximizing the productivity and with unwavering energy throughout the entire

What is best a Condo or a house?

Condo Vs. House and lot Location: Condominiums are located in prime locations – in business districts, near shopping malls, churches, marketplaces, restaurants, schools and in where there are major routes public transportation. This would surely offer convenience and cost effective. Space:  It is evident that a house has bigger space, you can do more with your

Real Estate Dealers Built Houses near the City

Real Estate Dealers Built Houses near the City Real Estate Dealer Built Houses Near the City I accidentally met a good friend of mind way back 10 years ago. He used to be a colleague in Basketball club and now a very successful in his Build and Sell Business. I ask him why you choose

Cebufirst Real Estate Milestone 2017

CebuFirst Real Estatepreneurship  Another successful big event for Cebufirst Realty Ventures held in Allure Hotel, Banilad Cebu City last April 1, 2017.Everyone were so excited for the said event because of the informative and useful techniques on how to do your business online and and have the 1st Quarter Awarding for 2017 for our excellent


Buyers & Sellers Information guide

Our Team are open to Individuals  who are in need of help at no charge. Our goal is to take people from renting  to own there Dream Homes & Future investments. 1. Buyers Information guide 1.1 Useful Tips for Home Buyers Purchasing a homes needs a well-thought plan. Every angle of such undertaking must be taken into

38 Park Avenue Cebu I.T Park

Investing in Pre – Selling Condominium

6 Tips before investing in Condominium Most common questions about investing in a condominium will it be a safe investment? Plenty of Condominium Buildings will rise soon & Common selling point are locations and good investment. What is the life and ownership of a Condominium? At present situation will it be smart to invest in

The Park at 38 Park Avenue

5 Reasons why invest Condo in Cebu I.T Park

5 Reasons why invest Condo in Cebu I.T Park Condo in CEBU I.T Park | 1BR Condo in 38 Park Avenue I.T Park Cebu New Ayala Mall will Rise for the next 2 years at the Middle of Cebu I.T Park – It will be more convenient for both Residence & BPO’s  professionals living and

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