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Cebufirst Realty Ventures Sales Convention 2017


Cebufirst Realty Ventures Sales Convention 2017

“Transforming Vision into Reality”

Becoming a real estate property specialist is a great career opportunity. Wherein it widens the mind of an individual to build self-confidence, patience, perseverance, trust, passion, dedication and love from work. He/she played the role being a consultant, advocate, negotiator, marketer and a game player in the industry. Real estate on the other hand is a business. It’s about money. That is why as an agent, you’re an independent contractor. Which means you will be the one to manage your own business. How is it possible for an agent managing his/her own business through real estate? How is it possible for an agent transforming his/her vision into reality?

By reading this article you will be able to know and equipped with ideas as to how the “CEBUFIRST REALTY VENTURES” mold us not just becoming a real property specialist but of course a specialist grounded with good ethics and morale in handling our clients.

Recently, September 30, 2017 Cebufirst Realty Ventures headed by its Founder and CEO Mr. Bonifacio A. Alia, REB, IRM-USA together with his queen Ms. Evelyn Alia, REB, REA, Realtor hold an event at Sacred Heart Convention Center, Jakosalem St. Cebu City for its “SALES CONVENTION QUARTERLY AWARDING 2017”. It was attended by our dear partners from Visayas and Mindanao.

The event is powered by Cebufirst Realty Ventures and ATHECOR LAND. The atmosphere is filled with excitement as we enter the Social Hall. Everyone is eager and very much excited to welcome and congratulate those Top Sellers for the said quarter.

The event would not be completed if without the nourishment and inspirational talk from our highly respected GUESTS and Speakers. This time our agents are equipped with knowledge regarding the role of being an agent and becoming an effective property specialist as well.

The motivational talk was started by Engr. Antony Ounsworth (Social Media Guru UK). The talk is centered on the challenges that our agents facing nowadays. Participants cited some reasons that hinder why is it difficult to carry out the task being an agent. Here are the following:
Lack of time
Lack of knowledge about the project
Lack of training

Engr. Ounsworth revealed some tips of becoming an effective property specialist. He said, being a property specialist you need to have this one “ATTITUDE”. Indeed, attitude matters most and that is accompanied by being friendly, confident enough but not so boastful, build some trust, being honest, persistent, perseverance, time, dedication, passion and most importantly PATIENCE.

The next four speakers Ms. Nievies Mounguez, REB, Realtor (substituted by her husband), Mr. Roger Alia (Regional Sales Supervisor), Ms. Darlene Arreza (Top Notch International Property Specialist) & Ms. Marilou Laborte (Power Team Manager) focus on strengthening an agents character towards his/her clients. That includes proper gestures, proper attire when meeting a client and in dealing with the clients requests. They also cited the Do’s and Don’ts within the team and how to build a strong bond inside a certain team. Because they believe, a good communication, support system, & understanding within the team promotes a strong relationship towards achieving and becoming one of the finest top sellers in Cebufirst Realty Ventures.

It was followed by our C.E.O’s Queen Ms. Evelyn Alia delivered about Condo Investing. She introduces condominiums as City Houses due to scarcity of land that is why property searchers paved its way for an option to live in condominiums. Emphasized by her, are the reasons why condominiums be a leading track for our investors. Here are the following:

Strategic and Prime Location Safety and Security Lifestyle Features and Amenities

Minimal Housekeeping and Maintenance Effort Value for Money. A challenge has been put into our minds to gain more investors giving them a quality service, providing their needs/requests and leading them into a world class community through CEBUFIRST REALTY VENTURES.

It was then followed by our Multi-Awarded Marketing Expert, Ms. Teza Mae Satorre for her talk about “Prospecting and Effective Closing Techniques”. She said there are three types of Prospects. First being cold prospects that currently isn’t raising their hand. Second, the warm prospects being whom you’ve previously spoken. Third, Hot prospects the one who you think are “ready to buy”. Leaving with us are the 5 strategies in closing deals from clients. Here are the following:

Identify the decision maker
Be real
Create a sense of urgency
Overcome Objections
Watch what you say!

Yet closing a deal is never that easy but with all of these tips, who knows you might be the lucky one of becoming your dreams & visions into reality being one of those finest top sellers recognized by Cebufirst Realty Ventures. It’s never easy but it’s never too late. Hold on. Keep moving. Dream Big and Live your dreams.

The crowd screams as the most awaited talk by our very own C.E.O, Mr. Bonifacio A. Alia, REB, IRM-USA gets started. The talk focuses on the secrets towards becoming an effective property specialist. Here are the secrets:

Be a problem Solver
Partner With the Best
Combine Online and Offline Marketing
Hire Character First
Culture from the start
The power of Duplication
Get a good mentor, advisors and coaches
Don’t stop Learning
The Right Seats on the Bus
Driver of the Bus
Be In Love

During that moment, the CEO emphasizes that we are like riding on a bus, in which we are the passengers and the driver is he, himself Mr. Bonifacio A. Alia supported by his Queen Ms. Evelyn Alia both are being the Heart and Mind of Cebufirst Realty Ventures and the reason why the company still exist aiming for excellence in service and moving forward for 1billion sales this year. Defending the title being an ELITE BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDEE 2017.

As a living proof for having a competitive sales agent, the recently concluded Quarterly Awarding recognized the Real Estate Elite Superstars 3RD Quarter 2017. Here are the following:

Joan Nunez
Roger Alia
Glenda Alferez
Golda May Ounsworth
Venus Soria
Mierajane Gorreon
Dina Rubillar
Anna Marsha and Demerio Bentillo
Maria Jasmin Valmores
Grace Dimaymay
Maria Reina German
Ma. Lourdes Careras
Maricel Godinez
Mae Tibudan
Hazel Raz Panlita
Arabel Rey
Ma. Jocelyn Pigar
Darlene Arreza
Mila Olarte
Jersam Theresa Ann Catipay

Challenges and failures are what make us strong being an agent. Lots of patience is needed. Having a flexible schedule in real estate means you have to be flexible enough to meet for the client’s needs. You have to train yourself not to easily give up because “A winner will always be a winner if he doesn’t know how to quit and puts failure under his feet”. You might not know that it is your time to shine. We may offer same projects, and same developers to talk with but mind you if you offer a quality service being a property specialist. YOU are halfway there. Don’t stop learning and preparing because “VICTORY LOVES PREPARATION”.


Keep the Faith
Keep The fight
Be Victorious

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